MIKES_MAKE_LOGICAL allows two or more sorted files to be merged using logical operators to determine which records should appear on the output file.

@response@RESPONSE:= RESULT)

Parameter details

INPUT The input string of file names and logical operators to be processed None. The parameter is mandatory
OUTFILE The name of the file to contain the mergeded records

= file_name

None. The parameter is mandatory

The INPUT parameter

This allows complex combination of files. The keys of the files are compared using logical operations, and if the combination of keys is TRUE, the record is written. Note that as it stands, the records apart from the keys are regarded as equivalent.

The logical operators allowed are & (and), | (or), and ^ (exclusive or). The latter is true when the two supplied values are unequal. The conditions may be bracketed if required, otherwise the precedence is &, ^, |, and operators of equal precedence are evaluated from the right.