File manager program. Allows navigation through a directory structure, searching for files and searching the contents of files, viewing the values of all environment variables, and other facilities.


fm [ directoryname ]


If the directory name is not supplied, the current directory will be assumed.

Displays a screen either of files or directories within current directory. Selection of file or directory view is by the TAB key. An alternative display mode can be selected, where files and directories are mixed in one window, as Windows File Manager does.


Key Action
Escape End
F1 Show help screen
Tab Toggle between file and directory views
Enter Directory view - cd into selected directory and view
File view - carry out default action (initially V)
U, ^ Go up a level in directory structure
~ Change directory to home directory
C Change directory and/or filemask pattern
R, F5 Refresh directory view
D Set default action and search case sensitivity
S Change sort order
V View file using fileview
H View file using hexview
E Edit file using vi
M Email file
X, Delete Delete file or directory
! Execute a shell command - output can be shown in file viewer
: Enter shell
F, / Search in names - either a simple search or a regular expression
F3 Repeat last search
L Look for files containing a specified string
Cursor left Return to previous directory
Cursor right Go to next directory (previously visited)
_ Show full name of current directory
? Show details of selected file or directory
$ Show values of environment variables
+ Show tree structure of directories and allow selection
% Show directories in current filesystem with total file size in kB and allow selection


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