Ashbory Mk II modification

I found that the Ashbory hummed when I plugged it into my Tascam CD-BT2 (a great device, incidentally), so I decided to screen the electronics cavity.

The start:

Rear panel removed (note big serial number carved into the wood - number 56 of only 80 made):

Remove control knobs, then undo the nuts holding the three pots and the switch and push/pull circuit board out (LED needs a firm push). Take out the board, being careful not to lose the shakeproof washers from the pots, and extract the LED clip from the hole. Note that the lead from the pickup gets in the way of the bottom left corner of the board:

Cover interior in self-adhesive copper tape:

I know it's a bit wrinkly, it's not easy...

On reassembly, it helps not to mislay the LED clip, otherwise you have to take everything out again.

Shake-proof washers go back on the pots, LED clip goes back in, circuit board goes back into place, wiggling it round the pick-up lead. On the MkII, there's a hole in the PCB underneath the LCD, so you can gently push it through the LED clip.

Then I discovered that the real reason it was humming is that the Tascam CD-BT2 isn't earthed, so the cable screen and interior electronics don't get earthed from it. Never mind, I'm sure it will help.